My attribute of resilience is my ability to maintain my physical well-being. I believe that if you have a healthy body you have a healthy mind, it helps me stay in touch with myself, with my roots of who I am. I practice my well-being every day and the hardest part of maintaining it is getting up every day so early. There are some days when I don’t want to move but I’ve trained myself to do things I hate I do it as I love it, but that also stems from a deep discipline.


It’s good to get into the habit of getting up every single day. It’s a hard habit to get into but once you get into it it’s worth it. I also have a quick question. what do you do when you wake up early?

I wake up early to have time to do my daily 250 sit ups and 50 push-up’s and have time for breakfast. And when the snow melts I wake up earlier to do a run in the morning as well.

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