When you find your purpose in life, it is good for you because you understand or you know why you are here. You don’t have to feel useless on this earth because there will always be a reason why you are here. God did not put you on this earth for a waste of his time. You are here because YOU have a destiny, and god put you on this earth to find it.

I feel like my purpose is to find my destiny and fulfill it. But also to play beautiful songs on a grand piano for those who are either getting married or passing on into the afterlife. I have a musical ear. I get it from my father and his side of the family. I also am learning to be a medium, just like my father.

When you find your purpose, I think you find hope or your destiny ( but that’s just what I think). I also think that you don’t feel alone when you find your purpose. I am not sure what the Real answer is to find your purpose. So I’m putting what I think.

I think finding your purpose is necessary because it shows that you weren’t put on this earth for nothing. I feel like it is necessary to have a purpose so you don’t feel useless and so you don’t feel down. I feel it is necessary to have a Purpose, so we don’t feel like we are Nothing!

A person’s digital footprint can show their purpose. It depends on what they share with the media. If they post what they are good at, that could be their purpose. Or if they don’t post it, they probably want to keep it to themself.

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I love what you have said, it is such a beautiful shed of light on the thing we call purpose. Do you think there is a purpose for those that aren’t looking for it? I would have loved to see you go more in-depth.

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