Where I am most grounded is not visible to the people around me. Where I am ground is a place in my mind that is so beautiful, and sometimes when I’m there, I tend to cry a little bit. When I pass away, I want this place to be my paradise.

There are Tall trees everywhere, and it can be any season when you think of the season there. But you see, when I’m in this place, I am not human I am my spirit animal.

I feel so safe in this place because nobody is there with me, no negativity, just the people I love, and there is my spirit animal, a wolf. But no negativity there whatsoever.

Why is it comforting? It is comforting because there is calming piano music all the time. It is so comforting because the people I love are there with me.

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I think it’s wonderful how you’ve created this safe space for yourself to escape to. Having somewhere like that to go is very important for healing and peace of mind. I hope you continue to find peace in this space you have.

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