Kindness assignment – Nervle Roundabout

I have to preface this reflection with a pretty simple statement that was an interesting challenge for me: I almost completely improvised this assignment and only ever recorded something after the event.  The reason for this is that I do quite a bit of planned kindness (or things that fulfill the criteria, at least) already.  Also, I do not have the time nor energy to devote my planning to this, what with the writing I’ve been doing with Saas.  

So, a summary of what meaningful or semi-meaningful actions I did is in order:

I did small things like holding doors, helping with assignments, and congratulating/thanking people.

I sent letters of gratitude to Saas, Mr. Arndt, and my father.

I tried to do most of the setup and cleanup work for the Polar Bear Plunge.

Most importantly, in my opinion, is that I covered a long evening shift for a coworker during his family crisis.  I knew previously that a) it would be stressful to wait to see if anyone would cover, b) we are understaffed, so the wait would be even longer, and c) this coworker was already experiencing stress from various sources.  

I would have preferred to do something big, but I need to learn (as Saas has said) to get shit done. So, I made a quick bit of shit and got it done. I do take pride in what I’ve done, and I think it has left a positive Nevin-shaped puzzle piece to our little social world, but I think I could have done more. I suppose, in ideal circumstances.

Frankly, I feel tired.  I’m satisfied and happy to have helped people, but it has been a long week.  Between a performance, a nine-hour shift until 11:00 pm, and all the assignments I’m doing for Saas, my energy is a little frayed.  I plan to have a restful week.  

Man, I am excited about hardcore relaxation.  That’s gotta show something.

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