Kindness Project

I gave (35) people free rides and did a whole bunch of kind things for people. I made mom coffee and warmed dad’s truck up in the morning. This made these people happy because they didn’t have to walk, make coffee, or start their vehicles. This is important to me because helping others is nice. It makes the day go by easier, and a little extra help goes a long way. It’s great to have help because things go by faster a little bit better makes people feel better.

Helping people out and doing kind acts can have a powerful impact on our community and positively impact people’s health and well-being. Kind acts can vary from small acts like holding the door to huge things like saving a life. This is important to me because everyone should do good things for people. After all, that’s common sense and good etiquette. Lending a helping hand can manifest good things, so you should be as helpful as humanly possible.

Good day and goodbye

Sincerely, Dakoda M

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