Kindness Project Reflection

The kindness project was a project in which we had to learn the different levels of kindness as the outcome. The requirements were one large act of kindness or five small/medium acts of kindness.

The kindness project was very hard for me. Not in the sense that it was hard to be kind, but in the sense none of the things I was doing were out of the ordinary. When I heard about this project I wanted to go above and Beyond. However, I knew deep down, that was impossible within the time limit. I felt amazing doing small acts of kindness for people, but I also wished we had more of a flexible deadline so I could have done more.

My Project for this assignment was to give five people a small act of kindness, as I didn’t think I had time for something bigger. I gave 3 teachers presents, and they were all happy with them. I also helped my mom with a few chores around the house without her asking. Lastly, I was kind to someone I have disliked since grade school. I let this boy have my spot in line, even though I was fuming at myself the whole time, I could tell it brightened his day, and it reduced conflict for a moment. That taught me that Kindness is a way to reduce conflict.

I got to see other people smile, and know that it was my doing that made them. I loved doing that for people. my primary love language (which is not just for romantic aspects) is acts of service, so this definitely made me feel well about myself. I thought this project was going to be hard at first, and thinking back I still agree with the before stated. Even the smallest act of kindness takes a huge effort.

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