Gratitude 1 – resubmission

I am grateful for the freezing rain, despite the slipperiness of everything.

I love the way it changed everything to look a bit better (definitely not a metaphor no sir-ee)

Because I live in Caronport, there aren’t too many new sights to see. When the rain came, I was completely in awe at how everything looked. I mean, the trees looked like stained glass in the sunset! I found it inspiring.

I’m probably not the only one who needs something to give that boost of inspiration. In fact, I think there’s a word for the lack of it: ennui. Naturally, it’s a French word, made by French poet-philosophers. It is not only felt by French people, though. I know my father felt it a lot when he was younger, my mother sometimes feels it now, and myself, obviously. I assume others do too. I do know everyone has something or someone different that pulls them out of ennui. For my father, that something was me and my sister growing up. For my mother, the prospect of renovating our living room. And for me, it was the freezing rain.

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