Kindness Reflection

For my kindness project. I am going to shovel for my grandpa. However, I have already done something kind for him. Last year, my uncles and I and my dad shingled for my grandpa. We did his entire roof, and my responsibility was to clean up the mess it made along with. carrying shingles to the roof and keeping everybody hydrated. I also cut shingles some of my feelings about doing this job were being with family and I was the only kid there. It’s like a responsibility of being treated like an adult and makes them count on you it’s really important for them to do that. And I felt really important about that stuff and it feels amazing. The fact that people depend on me the way they do. I take it as an opportunity to prove I am worthy of this kind of stuff if they need a shoulder to cry on or someone that they can depend on it’s great.

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