My Belonging is Where My Cats Are.

Febuary Art Journal – A happy memory from your life. One of my cats; Zoey

I chose to do Zoey’s purring because she’s a really happy kitty and purrs almost daily. She was my first cat, so she’s really important to me. If I could, I would put another audio of my other cat Lexi and her meows because she meows when she is bored or can’t find us. When I’m with my cats, I feel a sense of belonging because cats are so intricate, and they care about you. Zoey, for example, will stay and cuddle you when you are sick. She’s really cuddly, same with Lexi. I love my cats more than I can explain. That’s why I put purring. Purring releases endorphins in cats, and it can do the same thing in humans. Cats purring can lowered stress hormones and are helpful for healing. It lowers blood pressure, and helps people cope with illness. Some people like to talk about their emotional support dog, but for me? I love talking about my emotional support cats.

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