Author: Aidyn

My Plant

I’m giving my plant to my mom, not just for Mother’s Day but because she loves plants, and she’s had a very stressful couple of weeks at her…


Kindness, for me, is appreciating people and treating them how you want to be treated. Telling people you appreciate them and all they do, smiling at strangers, holding…

Safe Place

My safe place has to be either home or my favourite teacher’s classroom, in the chair I always sit at. Her room makes me feel safe like nothing…


I am the survivor type of resilient because I’ve been through some difficult and sometimes traumatizing times only to come back stronger. I used to see myself as…

Comments by Aidyn

  1. Comment by Aidyn on post Faith" (Jan 12, 2023)
    "I'm happy faith helped you when things got dark, know there is always a light at the end of a tunnel:)"
  2. Comment by Aidyn on post My Reflection on My Kindness Project" (Jan 12, 2023)
    "I like how you gave back, people can afford salvation army and you're giving back to your community."
  3. Comment by Aidyn on post 5 Acts of Kindness" (Jan 12, 2023)
    "I'm happy that your grandparents are also helping out with the kid, I love how your family is willing to pay a certain amount of money to help him."
  4. Comment by Aidyn on post What is Your Purpose" (Nov 24, 2022)
    "What makes you put your complete trust in your papa?"
  5. Comment by Aidyn on post Rootedness" (Nov 22, 2022)
    "That is so beautiful, knowing you don't need to set a place where you feel grounded. Having family is enough for you, I want to know, how? How can you know the direction all of the time? Would you not get lost at all?"