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I named this plant “Squanchy” because my favorite character is a cat from a show called Rick and Morty. He may be small but don’t underestimate Squanchy because…


My attribute of resilience is my ability to maintain my physical well-being. I believe that if you have a healthy body you have a healthy mind, it helps…


Where am I most grounded? I feel rooted when I’m in gym training, it’s like my element, and I feel calm and at ease. It’s where I can…

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  1. Comment by Joe on post Resilience" (Nov 23, 2022)
    "I wake up early to have time to do my daily 250 sit ups and 50 push-up's and have time for breakfast. And when the snow melts I wake up earlier to do a run in the morning as well."
  2. Comment by Joe on post My Grounding Place" (Nov 23, 2022)
    "I also find its important to find ways to channel how you feel and turn that into a positive for you life, like how you do with sports."
  3. Comment by Joe on post My Comfort Place" (Nov 22, 2022)
    "That lamp you have is also a gift from someone you are close with, and thats important to have around and bring comfort knowing there not around, but still with you."