Author: Jesse

My Plant: JL5

My plant’s name is jl5 because I didn’t think we were going with names. I’m gonna give it to my mom because she loves gardening and growing things.…

Where I belong!

Feb.14/23 Playing sports is definitely where I belong. When I’m not playing sports, it always seems like I’m hanging with the wrong crowd or doing something that isn’t…


I am resilient because of my physical well-being/athleticism. I play every sport I can to maintain my health so I can play college baseball when I’m older. Baseball…

My Purpose

My purpose is to make everybody happier than they were before. I like to make others happy because I can make someone else smile when I’m not. I…

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  1. Comment by Jesse on post My Comfort Place" (Nov 22, 2022)
    "thats what i do also just lay in my bed and chill out"
  2. Comment by Jesse on post Resilience" (Nov 22, 2022)
    "its always good to stay in touch with yourself also good u can keep good discipline"