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Hey! What are you doing over here?

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  1. Comment by Nevin R. on post Be Here to Open the Time Capsule" (Jun 19, 2023)
    "Letsss gooooooooo"
  2. Comment by Nevin R. on post Acts Of Kindness" (Jan 10, 2023)
    "Good job recognizing that teachers don't get enough appreciation! Too few people do. I got a little introspective over that, thinking about how I view everyone around me and whether it is beneficial to me and them. Thanks for opening up that dialogue in my head!"
  3. Comment by Nevin R. on post My Reflection on My Kindness Project" (Jan 10, 2023)
    "It's interesting how you chose not to forget about getting clothes from the Salvation Army and donating to help some kids. I'm certain that shows a solid sense of mature reflection, but moreover, the ability to act on that reflection. Cheers for that!"
  4. Comment by Nevin R. on post Kindness Reflection" (Jan 10, 2023)
    "That's awesome (both the painting and what it means)! To be able to confidently connect with folks close to us using something each person understands is a real treat. It's like a little hidden message over top of the stuff everyone else can see."
  5. Comment by Nevin R. on post Independence" (Dec 13, 2022)
    "Nice ending, I always like a good 'ol "dumbfounded" to round something off. Also, that's petty awesome to be able to get that much work done in a week and prove that you are more than that teacher may have expected. Congratgulations!"
  6. Comment by Nevin R. on post Where Do I Feel Most Grounded" (Dec 1, 2022)
    "Forgive me if I'm off, but would it be a safe guess to say that you've got a strong sense of family? We need more of those kinds of folks, in my opinion (and also cars)."